Academic Standards

Our goal is to become a fully accredited liberal arts college of theology!


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Grades are given and recorded for classes for the purpose of recommended college credit, to indicate how well the student has fulfilled course requirements, and to provide a basis of comparison with fellow students.  The usual grade one may expect for successful completion of a course is B, which means “good work.”  A grade of “A” is reserved for students whose class performance is significantly above course requirements.  A statement of institutional policy on grades is available upon request.


Students are expected to attend all class sessions. If a student misses more than four sessions in the regular semester or more than two sessions of a summer semester, a grade will not be assigned nor will the class be counted towards fulfilling the requirements for a certificate or credit recommendation.


The Newark School of Theology offers courses at the upper division undergraduate and master’s levels of college instruction. Our textbooks are used at leading colleges, seminaries, and universities.  Although the School is not presently accredited to offer degrees, we are committed to working towards full accreditation and fulfillment of all the standards established by The New Jersey Commission on Higher Education and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.