Mission and Philosophy


The mission of The Newark School of Theology is to teach the World’s religious traditions, to increase understanding between religions by encouraging ecumenical and interfaith study and dialogue, and to create a community of students and scholars who are seeking a deeper understanding of God.


Contemporary theological education requires a broad curriculum that encompasses the religious diversity of the Twenty-first Century and recognizes the need to examine and clarify one’s own religious understanding and commitments in a pluralistic, global context. The Newark School of Theology provides educational opportunities and a context for dialogue within which such understanding may develop.


  • Certificate programs
  • College completion program
  • Programs based upon texts used at North America’s leading seminaries and universities.
  • Advanced courses in most areas of the theological curriculum.
  • Opportunities to explore a possible call to ordained ministry and to prepare for ministry.
  • Preparation for urban ministry for pastors, deacons, and lay persons.
  • Preparation for pastoral counseling ministries.
  • Opportunities to learn religious traditions other than one’s own.
  • An ecumenical and interfaith context for theological study.


Classes follow the format of seminars or tutorials. Seminars are discussion groups focusing on close readings of major texts. Tutorials are small groups engaged in directed study of a subject or language. Textbooks are carefully selected and used at America’s leading schools of theology.

Successful completion of a course requires faithful classroom attendance and participation. Outside readings and writing assignments are routine.


The Newark School of Theology does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, ethnic origin, disability or sexual orientation in its educational programs and activities, including employment and admission to all programs and activities. The Newark School of Theology is handicapped accessible.