Jewish Studies


This course is a systematic introduction of the Jewish faith. It is taught by a scholar who is thoroughly familiar with contemporary issues in Judaism as well as being a graduate of a rabbinical school.  Topics studied include Jewish history, texts, the synagogue, the Prayer Book, theology, the Jewish State and contemporary Jewish ethical issues.


This course examines a number of contemporary Jewish voices on topics of abiding interest.  Among the issues studied and discussed are the distinguishing features of Jewish theology, approaches to God, creation, revelation, redemption, covenant, law, the Holocaust, the State of Israel, and the future of Jewish Theology.


This course considers the religious thought of Abraham Joshua Heschel, one of the greatest Jewish thinkers of the twentieth century. Through an in-depth reading of Heschel’s major English writings, the class examines Heschel’s ideas concerning divine pathos, human nature and religious consciousness, revelation, holiness in time, and the meaning of prayer. Attention is paid throughout the class to the sources of Heschel’s thought and his continuing relevance to Jewish and Christian thought.