Admission Requirements

Students who do well at The Newark School of Theology are those who exhibit commitment to their studies, good reading skills, ability to engage in critical thinking, good study skills, and openness to new ways of thinking. Our students come from a wide variety of educational and cultural backgrounds.

The Newark School of Theology practices a policy of open enrollment. There is no requirement that new students possess the bachelor’s degree. New students need to give evidence of their ability to do university work at the upper division undergraduate level.

Students who plan to earn graduate recommended credits must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college.


Space permitting, all applicants who give promise of being able to do coursework at the upper division and master’s university level will be admitted. All applicants must complete the application form and discuss their program of study with an academic advisor. An interview and application essays are required of applicants who do not have an associate of arts degree.


Early registration is encouraged. A place in class can be secured by completing application and registration forms and paying a deposit of $50.00. In case the class does not make because of insufficient enrollment or any other reason, the deposit is refunded in full.