Community Development


The course provides the student with insights into the creation, development and management of non-profit organizations.  Students will gain knowledge of the elements of creating and growing non-profit organizations.  Critical issues involved in developing non-profit organizations will be explored from both community and faith based perspectives.  Examples of typical mission-driven organizations will be provided.  The course is designed to help students learn how to create a mission driven project of their own.


Leadership is at least as important to non-profit and faith-based organizations as it is for for-profit businesses, government, and the military. This course encourages students to learn about leadership in all these sectors and thereby to develop a greater understanding of themselves as  leaders in the organizations they serve. Great leaders are like great jazz musicians, who use their knowledge of music, empathy with other musicians, and their sense of atmosphere to make great music. The course explores what kind of preparation lead people to leadership roles, how leaders relate to others, how leaders respond to changes, and how leaders build organizations of enduring value.